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Anon Resident, Lyncroft House

I am very happy in the home; I have my own bedroom I picked the colours for the walls and curtains and the furniture I wanted. The staff are very good they help me and make sure I take my medication so I don’t get sick again. The staff  cook meals here and it is very good and tasty, my favourite is the chicken curry with rice, the Sunday roast and the tuna pasta bake.  We have our own activity centre and some days I like to use computers and paint or I play games with other resident and staff in our day centre. 

Eileen, Carmen Lodge 

I have always found Carmen Lodge to be a very good home. Mrs Khan and the staff are very helpful and caring. My relative who has been there for sometime is regularly taken out by staff for trips to shops and hairdressers and also goes to painting and recreational classes.

I feel my mind is at ease knowing that my relative is receiving the utmost care and attention. 

Anon resident, Grosvenor Park

I came from hospital and my room here is very pretty and new. I have my own bathroom and the staff are very nice to me they help me cook and take me out swimming when I want. I go to the market and shops and I like drawing and using the computers in the activity centre. I like the manager he is very nice and helpful and the staff look after me. I am happy. 

Anon resident, Carmen Lodge

Why I like Carmen Lodge:
Lunch is served everyday and the food is good and wholesome. The kitchen is open most of the day except when cleaning, for tea coffee and snacks. You do not have to go hungry.

The staff help the residents to clean their rooms’ everyday. In the day we are free to watch TV, this is therapeutic. The residents are largely sociable and disruptions are few and far between. It is easy to talk to people. The staff are very helpful too. It is good to play them at chess. 

I enjoy the art classes at the activity centre and using the computers.

I have my own room with a wide single bed and vanity basin, and I am very happy there. I can go there whenever I want, at any time of day, this is better than going to hospital.

Derrick, Lyncroft House

 My brother has been at the home for many years.  In all this time the staff have been meticulous in the care and support provided to him. The management are always accessible and deal with any queries immediately and efficiently. I very much appreciate all the hard work done by the whole team and my brother has made great progress.

 Recently the home opened a fantastic new training and activity centre offering a number of classes and activities to empower the residents. My brother greatly enjoys the art classes. The activity centre is a great asset to the home. I would highly recommend Forest Residential Care Homes to anyone looking for a home for their loved ones.

Roy, Carmen Lodge

My cousin has very challenging behaviours and mental health problems. The home have always been very professional, caring and supportive of her and I have seen great improvements in her behaviours since she moved into this home. The staff do an excellent job in meeting all her care needs and she is very happy there. She has even started using the activity centre, accessing the computers, attending music and art classes and even getting on an exercise bike!! which is a miracle in itself. Well done to Forest Residential Care for the fantastic job they have done and continue to do.

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